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  5. Happy birthday to the one and only #louisck ๐Ÿ‘‘

  6. 50 shades of grey by Jean Jullien

  7. Oysters of Massachussetts

  9. elsajenna.com

  10. Born, raised and slaughtered in the USA

    photo credit: Stacey Nishimoto


  12. Married in Comics Sans

  13. The illusion of life

    (Source: vimeo.com)

  14. michelapicchi:

    Sex Sells is the visual result of the combination and balance between two different styles. Sex Sells is linked to a physical imagery. Sex Sells is an experiment. Sex sells is a reference to an imaginary suggestively erotic and sexual. Sex Sells Made you look.ย Sex Sells is a project by David Sandรฉn & Michela Picchi. . Every sexual reference is not purely coincidental.