1. Did some spot illustrations for the August issue of @wired Thanks @_calebbennett !

  2. mm-dd-yyyy:

    Sarah Crowner, Lemon and Orange (2014)

  3. daviddoran:

    Lower Cost, Limited Choice // The New York Times

    Quick turnaround last night for today’s piece in The Upshot.

    The article is about how patients choice of doctors and hospitals can be limited by health plans.


  4. sophiafosterdimino:

    So happy to be able to contribute to Future52, my friend Alex Griendling's speculative illustration blog. Lots of cool folks have participated also, take a look!

    Thanks for the invite, Alex!

    P.S. Two years ago I contributed to Future52’s previous incarnation, Raygun52. Here’s my piece for that. What a blast from the past ha haha h a

  5. bluebed:

    New spot series for the New Yorker (July 28th issue) all about booze and chairs, but mainly chairs.

    Students! I will be teaching two illustration classes this Fall:

    California College of Art: Illustration 3.

    Academy of Art University: ILL 606: MS Editorial Illustration.

    Sign up and you will be as cool as me.

    (Source: bluebed.net)

  6. zolloc:

    A really nice article was written about my work on the the Creators Project

    Check it out

    (via zolloc)

  7. Breakfast with my hero @lottanieminen Thanks again for having me!

  8. Don’t think twice, it’s all right.

  9. Detail

  10. Sunset in the city.

  12. Portraits for Wired Italy. 

  13. I did a logo!

  14. bradwwoodard:

    Day 9:

    These smug characters are fun to draw.

  15. nightconfetti:

    Come on baby light my fire.